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Dear Parents,

Your son or daughter is growing up right before your eyes...maybe a little too fast for your own peace of mind. You probably have many mixed emotions about this period in his or her life and yours. You worry about his or her needs and desires, and your instincts and experiences.

You think back to your own adolescence and remember the confusion, the lack of self confidence, and the tears and fears. You want your son or daughter to be strong, to make decisions based on reason and principle, not what the crowd dictates. You think that this is a tough era for your son or daughter to mature.

At the Barbizon School of Modeling and Self Development we have been helping teenage boys and girls grow up since 1939...over several decades of major and traumatic changes in the world around us. But through it all, we at Barbizon have maintained old fashioned values in our methods. We believe that feeling confident in one's self, means feeling confident when walking into a room full of people, in speaking with authority, walking with pride, and dressing with style. We still believe etiquette and good manners are important to self assurance and community values. This does not mean we are not concerned with the individual guy or girl at Barbizon... we are! In fact, we are deeply committed to the blossoming of the individual student. That is why there is rarely a class with more than fifteen students participating. And while we are a professional modeling school, approved by the State of Pennsylvania, not every guy or girl who comes to Barbizon has a goal of being a full or part time career model. Even though Barbizon has graduated thousands of guys and girls, many of who pursued careers as photographic models, motion pictures, television and commercial actors and actresses, many people come to Barbizon for personal improvement. So while we teach and train in photography, photo~posing, make~up, nail and hair care, and TV commercial work; we also stress speech, etiquette, posture, health and nutrition.

So to sum it up, if you are a mother or a father of a teenage boy or girl, Barbizon would like to help your son or daughter mature in areas where our experience is uncompared!


41 Oxford Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706

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